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Thanks for 20 years of trusting INSite with your innovation projects!

Who knew?

It was late 1998 and Y2K was in full swing. Started as a Microsoft Access database consulting firm, little did we know, INSite Business Solutions was to evolve into a full-service web application consulting and development firm right as the world entered the internet revolution. Actually, we just thought the web was "cool" and were following our passions.


The Internet and Ecommerce!

With a quick pivot, INSite became one of the first web application development firms in Charlotte. That passion for technology gave us the opportunity to solve problems and innovate with small and large businesses across the country.  

Ecommerce came along and we were fortunate enough to have a few SaaS ideas. Both RunMyClub and the NutriLoader had successful runs of 10 plus years.

The Services We Offered

INSite was a successful custom software development and SaaS company. A Charlotte, North Carolina based information technology (IT) consulting firm that specialized in the design, development and implementation of custom built web-based, mobile app, and ecommerce solutions using the Microsoft development toolset.

The Merger(s)

After almost 20 years, INSite was sold to Logical Advantage in 2016. INSite wound down all SaaS and hosting services late 2017. Logical Advantage was sold to Pratt Miller Engineering in 2018.

Thank You!

We would like to thank all of the INSite, RunMyClub, and NutriLoader clients for the many years of relationships, service, innovation and trust. Who knew our crazy passions could lead to so much fun and success.


John Blomberg


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